Another fantastic trip to Andes Sprouts Society.
Another great video courtesy of my brother from another mother, @kizel. (phi kai phi! lol.)
I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition of high and low tech every time I’m fortunate enough to be invited upstate.’
Julie, Alex, Mark and I played around with Conway’s Game of Life fireside.

The Game of Life on a Monome from Mark Kizelshteyn on Vimeo.

It’s kinda like spinning plates

Perhaps monomes are best enjoyed by the roar of a wood-burning stove, or maybe by the roar of the BQE.  either way, it’s good to recalibrate in the great outdoors.  (although i’m not sure i would consider farm fields the work of “nature”.)  Check out Alex Maclean for some amazing photos comparing hyper-artificial and supposedly “natural” landscapes from above.

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