If the Google Image search results are any indication, the time most people pay attention to the Chicago River is St. Patrick’s Day, when the Plumbers Union dyes the engineered waterway to match the attire of the drunken revelers.  With the exception of the Architecture Foundation’s boat cruises and other leisure actvities, a vital conduit of commerce and industry that facilitated one of the greatest urban transformations of the American continent, is now by and large an afterthought for most Chicagoans – a shimmering sliver of backdrop for tourist photographs.


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“Proper urban politics fosters dissent, creates disagreement and triggers the debating of and experimentation with more egalitarian and inclusive futures, a process that is wrought with all kinds of tensions and contradictions but also opens up spaces of possibilities.  Exploring the design of dissensual spaces will constitute the final part of this contribution. ” – Erik Swyngedouw, “Designing the Post-Political City and the Insurgent Polis